Our assembly lines are fed by 80% by our own parts and subassembly production.

We operate two main production lines:
  • Turning and milling workshop
  • Sheet parts workshop
Detailed capacity data can be found here

Complex part

We can solve unusually complex multiaxe and/or cast milling tasks with our up to date CNC controlled miling centres. We totally fullfill the tolerance and efficiency demands of our customers.




Our sheet matal workshop can handle both high precision body-like (closed) structures and complex (consisting of more than hundred parts) welded constructions of 0.5 - 3 mm sheet thickness.

Complex part We can provide for surface treatment (painting, plastic covering) both our own and third party parts in outstanding quality achieving high satisfaction levels of our partners and customers.
Complex part The demand for tool and manufacturing equipment of our metalworks and sheet metal workshops is satisfied by our own capacity.